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Elm Green is based in the wooded hills of the East Sussex Weald near Mayfield. We often cater for events in East and West Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London. Events further afield are also undertaken where appropriate.


Elm Green’s beautiful and creative menus are inspired by the seasons, featuring local and organic produce whenever possible.

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Our food is simple and inviting, bursting with flavour and presented on lovely, simple handmade platters, old French earthenware bowls and huge pewter plates. From the starting point of your ideas we will create a bespoke menu in keeping with the season and what is locally available. Using carefully produced ingredients we make the best vanilla ice cream you will have tasted, crisp full butter pastry, stews rich with stock and wine, slow-risen breads, and delicious wobbly mayonnaise.


We can cater for your event, whether you require real simplicity such as rustic bowls of nutritious minestrone with a generous dollop of pesto and a hunk of rosemary foccacia or the formality of a drinks party or sit down dinner party.


Packaging materials are recycled, vegetable matter is composted and recycled paper is used for correspondence.

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